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Title [KES2016] [Opening Keynote] Catch up with the latest trend in IoT & EV.
Contributor 관리자 Date 2017-02-02 오후 5:08:49 Hit 1,873

[Korea Electroincs Show 2016_Opening Keynote]

Oooops!! you missed the Korea Electronics Show Opening Keynote???  Don't worry about it. Here you are!!

Re-play it and Catch up with the latest trend in IoT & EV. And Expect More for Korea Electronics Show 2017!!


[Session 1] Leading Through Action: Partnership and Convergence by James Kim, President and CEO, GM Korea Company    => https://youtu.be/MDgPHOieqUM


[Session 2] Expanding Chevrolet Electric Portfolio by Mr. Martin Murray, Deputy Director of Electrification Engineering, GM => https://youtu.be/PTRuilAX41Y


[Session 3] Driving Sustainability: Reinventing the Automobile by Mr. Lowell Paddock, Vice President of GMI Planning & Program Management, GM => https://youtu.be/dklBmSbLJ6A


[Session 4] LGE Vision as an Innovation Partner for EV Components by Mr. Woo-Jong, Lee, President of Vehicle Components Company, LGE => https://youtu.be/N6Pnf5bi91o


[Session 5] The Global Opportunities IoT Technology Enables by Mr. James Stansberry, Senior Vice President of Head of ARTIK US, SSE => www.youtube.com/watch?v=bllWt_CbEc0