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KES Awards


· Purpose: To present awards to creative and innovative products that go well with IT Korea brand images.

· Target companies: 2019 Korea Electronics Show (KES) exhibitors (including foreign companies).

· Contest categories: Three - BEST New Product, Best Design, Best Contents.

Award type Description SMEs Large corporates
BEST NEW PRODUCT Products launched for the first time in the world (Korea), market/trend-leading products (including functions introduced to the market for the first time) 4 pieces 4 pieces
BEST DESIGN Products with innovative design 4 pieces
BEST CONTENT Products with innovative functions or content 4 pieces

※ According to the number of applications and screening result, points to be given may vary (within 10 points).

How to evaluate and screen

The evaluation committee consisting of experts in the fields of product planning, marketing, design and technology screens and evaluates products based on applications and product introduction documents.


(Not decided yet) Announcement and receipt of applications
Friday, Aug. 30 Deadline for the submission of applications (Applications received by Friday, Aug. 30, 2019, 6:00PM will be recognized as valid)
Monday, Sep. 2 ~ Thursday, Sep. 5 Review on applications and submitted documents
Friday, Sep. 6 Evaluation and screening by the evaluation committee
Monday, Sep. 16 Selection and announcement of award winners (Final selection)
(Not decided yet) Media promotion (Press kit, on-line promotion, KES press event)
Tuesday, Oct. 8 ~ Friday, Oct. 11 KES Awards Zone (Hall B)

Evaluation criteria

Award type Focus of evaluation
BEST NEW PRODUCT Innovativeness from the perspective of corporates, consumption and technology
BEST DESIGN Design that distinguishes the product from existing ones, appropriateness, ergonomic convenience, and attractiveness for consumers
BEST CONTENT Content that distinguishes the product from existing ones, excellence compared to existing ones, marketability and creativity

Benefits for KES Innovation Awards winners

① Photo-shoot of award-winning products at a photo studio ② Provision of the right of using KES Awards logo in advertisements of the award-winning product
③ Operation of the KES Awards Zone in the exhibit hall and installation of the product promotion booth ④ Inclusion of the award-winning companies’ booths in the VIP tour course and introduction in the KES guide map
⑤ Introduction of the products by the KES website and newsletter ⑥ Attachment of KES Innovation Awards emblem on the booth

Documents to submit and how to apply

Documents KES Innovation Awards Application (Refer to the attached format)
Product Introduction (Free format, refer to how to write)
How to apply Submit the application and product introduction via e-mail
Deadline (Not decided yet)
Contact point Mr. SangWoon Park, Manager, KEA / +822-6388-6063 / swpark@gokea.org