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Booth Info

Booth Type

Booth Size 1 booth is 3m x 3m (Total 9sqm)
Space-only Only space provided.
Exhibitors must construct their booth using a COEX appointed contractor
※ COEX Official Contractors : http://www.coex.co.kr/eng/venue/event-services/designated-contractors

Standard Booth
※ Booth colors are designated for each exhibition hall. Company cannot be selected separately.
Standard Booth
※ Booth colors are designated for each exhibition hall. Company cannot be selected separately.
※ Premium Booths are only available in 2 or 4 booths.
  • Standard(Basic) Booth

    Booth Particulars
    1 Booth structure W:3m x D:2.5m x SH3m(Wood wall) 1set
    2 Fascia lighting box Company name / W:1.8m x H:0.4m 1pc
    3 Wall side sign
    (lighting pillar)
    Per company
    (Graphic printing)
    4 Information Desk info. desk (Blick system) + Bar Stool 1set
    5 Spot light Spot (10w) 4pcs
    6 Power socket 220V/2Holes 1pc
    7 Flooring(Pytex) Fire resistant
    A-Class W:3m x D:3m
    8 Electric power 220V(single-phase) 1kw
  • Standard(Premium) Booth

    Booth Particulars
    1 Booth structure Wood wall(system) + Wood 1form
    2 Fascia lighting box 2,250x700
    Company name(logo)
    3 Booth number PVC sheet cutting 1form
    4 Information Desk+Bar stool Wood:900x500x950(H)
    +Bar stool
    5 Table set Glass table(1) + chair(4) 1set
    6 Display table Block table
    7 Lighting Down light / Arm spot light 3pcs/5pcs
    8 Power socket 220V,2Holes 1pc
    9 Flooring (Gray pytex) 3,000x6,000 18㎡
    10 Catalogue holder - 1pc
    11 Electric Power 220V(single-phase) 2kw

How to assign booths

Priority ※ Assigned only to participating companies that have paid the entry fee.
※ Booth assigning priority principle; application date, booth rental fee payment date(deposit and balance payment), last participation records(number of entries), consecutive participation, etc.
(More than 20 booths)
(4~19 booths)
(1~3 booths)

Extra Services

Sector Unit Price Reference
Electricity 220[V] Single Phase 1 KW

Day time:US$ 55
24 Hours:US$ 77

- Standard Booth comes with basic electricity (single phase or 3 phases, 220V/60Hz, 3 Phase 380V/60Hz) of 1KW/company free of charge.

- Space-only type booth does not contain any electricity. Therefore, exhibitors are responsible to apply electricity in individual. For additionally required electricity, exhibitors must pay relevant fees as below.

220[V] Three Phase 1 KW
380[V] Three Phase 1 KW
Internet Line 1 Line US$ 110 - The cost of equipment included
Compressed Air 1 EA US$ 220 - Pressure: 6kg/Cm (end point: 7kg/㎠)
Diameter of Air Pipe: 8mm
Water 1 EA US$ 220 - Pressure: 3kg/㎠ (Hall A), 4kg/㎠ (Hall B),
Diameter of Air Pipe:13mm
Diameter of Air Pipe: 20mm
Visitor Data Management System 1 EA US$ 220 - Computerize information such as company, name, department, position, address, telephone, fax, e-mail, interest field etc and provide exhibitors with data.