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Check List

Services / Items Deadline

<Required> Pay the balance

August 12

<Required> Allocate Booths_Scheduled


<Required> Apply for the modification & installation of Space - Only Stands

<Required> Submit Company Logo & Modify Company name for Stand Fascia

<Required> Apply for Exhibitor Badges & Modification (On-line)

<Required> Receive Exhibitor Badges & Parking Tickets

<Required> Installation of Booths (Space-only stands)

<Required> Move-in of Shell Scheme Items

<Optional> Apply for Technical Service
<Optional> Pay the technical Service
<Optional> Move-in / Move-out of Dangerous Material
<Optional> Carrying-In(Out) of Ultra heavy Exhibition Item
During <Optional> Apply for Overtime work by 4 p.m. of the day
<Optional> Apply for Exhibit Removal by 4 p.m. of the day
<Optional> KES 2023 Reservation (20% discount) October 4-7
After <Optional> KES 2022 Exhibition Certificate After November 1