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No Booth No Company Name URL Exhibit Item
493 SF314 JARSYSTEMS www.jarsystems.co.kr -
492 A130 SL corporation www.slworld.com High Definition multi-channel around view monitoring system and Gesture controller
491 PM807 Zeah dental clinic www.zeahdental.com/ -
490 SF114 KOSF www.smart-factory.kr -
489 SS310 VISTECH KOREA www.vistech.co.kr/ -
488 SF314 KOSMIA www.kosmia.or.kr -
487 SF214 smart-factory Academy - -
486 PM205 JIO FINECHEM www.jiodeco.co.kr -
485 MP401 E-tron Co., Ltd www.e-trons.co.kr -
484 MP303 Leetech FES www.leetechfes.com/ -
483 CG105 shalom www.shalomi.co.kr -
482 KEA KOBEC www.kobec.org Broadcast equipment
481 B100 LUMANTEK www.lumantek.com 6CH Video Switcher, HD Modulator
480 B100 ATBIS Co., Ltd www.atbiss.com/ AMM Studio
479 B100 Compix Presentation, LTD. www.compix.co.kr Character Generator for Broadcast, Sports_Coder, Scroll System.

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