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Name KES 2024 (Korea Electronics Show)
Date 2024. 10. 22(Tue.)~25(Fri.) Venue COEX Hall A, B, D2
Scale 550 Exhibitors / 1,400 Booth Visitors 70,000
Hosts Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) Organizer Korea Electronics Association (KEA)


- Electronic parts and materials
electronic parts, sensors, transistors, condensers, connectors, PCBs, power supplies, materials, elements
- AX (AI Transformation)
generative AI, on-device AI, AI chips, AI value chain, AI data, ambient (tech), wearables, smart home devices, home entertainment, home appliances
- Mobility
Autonomous driving, Electric vehicles, SDVs(software-defined vehicles), PBVs(purpose-built vehicles), UAM(urban air mobility), infotainment
- Robotics
smart manufacturing, service-industry-logistics robots, logistics solutions, robot solutions, e-commerce, fulfillment, logistics/retail, picking systems, logistics solutions, automated storage systems)
- Digital Health
sleep tech, beauty tech, silver tech, smart medical devices, digital medicine, medical information systems, healthcare solutions, accessibility, wellness
sustainability, resource recycling, recycling, reprocessing, carbon-neutral tech, energy efficiency systems, white biotech, ESG, food tech, AgTech
- WEB3.0 / XR
VR, AR, XR, MR, blockchain, NFT, e-sports, entertainment, digital twin, cyber security